Snook Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay is home to some of the worlds finest Snook fishing. Captain Christopher Taylor will be sure to entertain you and your party with the endless amount of mangrove shorelines and other natural habitats that hold drag pulling, and head shaking Snook action. Snook are most easily identified by the highly defined dark colored lateral line that runs from the top of the fishes gill plate to the tail. Another line that many anglers refer to as the “Snook Line” separates north and south Florida and is located around the middle of the state. The “Snook Line” distinguishes where anglers can find Snook. Above or north of the line not so much, below or south of the line definitely. Tampa Bay is located very well south of the “Snook Line” and its numbers of Snook confirm this. The average length of a Snook in Tampa Bay is 20″-28″.The best months for catching Snook are April – July. Captain Christopher Taylor targets Snook practicing the use of live, and dead natural baits. Snook are often caught alongside of Redfish, and Spotted Seatrout. Snook has excellent table fare value when in season.

Redfish Fishing Charters

The coveted gem of Tampa Bay waterways, “Redfish” are some of the most sought after species of fish in the bay area. Due to their beautiful appearance, and fighting abilities they make for a popular target for many anglers year round. Redfish are often caught alongside Snook, and Spotted Seatrout. Redfish get their name from the reddish bronze color of the anterior scales. One main characteristic of Redfish is the large single dark spot on its tail. Some Redfish have multiple spots, however it is most common to only have one. The average length of a Redfish in Tampa Bay is 18″-24″. During the months of March – April in Spring, and September -October in Fall large schools of Redfish in the range of 30″-38″ can be found cruising the shallow flats of Tampa Bay. Captain Christopher Taylor targets Redfish practicing the use of live, and dead natural baits. Redfish has good table fare value when in season.

Spotted Seatrout Fishing Charters

When it comes to using artificial lures on light tackle their no denying that Spotted Seatrout are a excellent target species. Whether using soft plastic jigs, or hard swim baits Spotted Seatrout definitely react aggressively. Spotted Seatrout get their name from the small but definitive dark colored spots they have along tail and dorsal area. The average length of a Spotted Seatrout in Tampa Bay is between 12″-18″. Drift fishing over a deep grass flat is the most common practice by Captain Christopher Taylor in conjunction with the use artificial lures. Frequent casting and retrieval of lures with the random and sometimes spontaneous strikes, and hook ups makes this type of fishing very exciting. When targeting other inshore species of fish it is not uncommon to catch a Spotted Seatrout. Spotted Seatrout really show their spirit during the winter months when the bigger fish 17″-25″ move into the shallow areas, and residential canals. Spotted Seatrout have good table fare value.