Tripletail Fishing Charters

The waters just offshore of our gulf beaches in Saint Petersburg, and inside in Tampa Bay are scattered with naturally formed, and man-made structures that make for world class Tripletail fishing. Tripletail were given their name “triple – tail” because the pectoral fin, and the anal fin both meet at the end of the fishes tail appearing as if the fish has three tails. Captain Christopher Taylor practices the use of live natural baits when targeting these fish in an open water setting. Tripletail fishing charters are a specialty trip meaning they are the primary targeted species of fish during the trip. Other species of fish may be caught during these trips, however other species caught are considered by-catch or caught by accident. Most common by-catch on Tripletail fishing charters are Cobia, Sharks, and Spotted Seatrout. Tripletail have excellent table fare value and are the Captains most preferred eating fish.

Spanish Mackerel Fishing Charters

During most of the year Spanish Mackerel can be caught in Tampa Bay. However the weeks between the months of May and August the Spanish Mackerel fishing can be extremely productive. During the months of May – June it is not uncommon to collect the boats limit of Spanish Mackerel within the first hour of  trip given the right circumstances. Spanish Mackerel can be distinguished from other species of mackerel by the dark colored markings on the front of the dorsal fin, and the slightly straight lateral line compared to other Mackerel. Spanish Mackerel can be found anywhere mass numbers of baitfish are swimming about, as well as heavy bottom structure. Captain Christopher Taylor practices the use of live, and dead natural baits in conjunction with the deployment of the Captains “Secret Chum Formula”. When cooked fresh Spanish Mackerel make for good table fare.

Shark Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay is home to over 200 species of fish including sharks. Sharks depend on the bay for every aspect of their life cycle from swimming, to breeding, and of course what they are famous for “eating”. What makes Tampa Bay so vital to the shark species and other forms of marine life is the variance in salinity. The bay holds a massive ecosystem that consists of multiple brackish water waterways connecting the freshwater rivers with the saltwater of Tampa Bay. Many sharks depend on the mild brackish water conditions to breed juvenile sharks. Many anglers desire to cross catching a shark off of their bucket list. Captain Christopher Taylor practices the use of live, and dead natural baits in conjunction with the Captains “Secret Chum Formula”. Common sharks caught on Tampa Bay shark fishing charters are Bonnethead, Blacktip, Nurse, Atlantic Sharpnose, Bull, Hammerhead, and more.